ETH Denver 2024

Posted: March 3, 2024

My experience

ETH Denver 2024 is my first ETH conference. In 2022, I have attended my first Web 3 conference DCentral and described my experience here. ETH Denver felt massive, with many vendors, presenters, and developers attending. Denver, CO, at this time of the year, was great, with gorgeous mountains seen on the skyline from almost every point in the city. I have attended speaker sessions, explored the vendor booths, and talked to people. I also attended some side events off the main venue, and they were complimentary to the main experience. Overall, in the two days that I was there, I got the full emersive experience into Web 3 industry and got the idea about its future directions. Below, I summarize the main takeaways. I also included links to speakers and panels that reveal the listed ideas in detail.