#2 - Summary of DC Fintech Week Day 1

This week, I had a chance to attend DC Fintech Week 2023 in Washington, DC, and it left a good aftertaste. First, the two-day event organization was at the highest level and presented great opportunities for learning and networking. Kudos to Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, and the team that made this experience seamless!

Based on my listening to the speakers and interactions with the attendees and speakers, I am going to share several observations and a summary of the talks. First, I will briefly summarize my observations and then share the points mentioned during panel discussions or speaker sessions.

Summary of the DC Fintech Week 2023.

If stablecoins are issued by private companies and are connected to USD, i.e., borrow the trust of the Federal Reserve, then these are private money and need to be 

regulated. Latest article (Michael Barr, Federal Reserve)

#1 - How I attended my first Web3 conference DCentral

My general impression was that there are plenty of people engaged in building the Web3 entertainment industry, metaverse, and communities around the novel technologies. I have visited multiple tracks, such as the non-fungible stage, DAO stage, fashion stage, and the main stage, as well as the expo. (The full conference agenda may be found here.) Below are a couple of points sourced from multiple stages and united under the same topic. Read more