#6 - Coinbase Machine Learning and Blockchain Research Summit 2024 

On May 2, 2024, I attended a virtual discussion about the confluence of blockchain and AI. The key takeaway is that blockchain benefits from AI more than. AI from blockchain, at the current moment. Nevertheless, some blockchain capabilities can advance AI processes as well. Read more here.

#5 - ETH Denver 2024

On February 28-March 1, 2024, I attended my first ETH Denver event. Read here about my experience.

#4 - CCB Workshop on Making Videos Using AI 2024

On January 9, 2024, I joined the "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Making & Managing Video" workshop on preparing video content for online classes at the Costello College of Business. Big thanks to the wonderful instruction of Eric Neitzke and Tonya Howe, who shared the best practices for using technology to produce educational video content! Click here to see a quick algorithm of how to embed AI in your content creation pipeline.

#3 - Columbia CryptoEconomics Conference 2023

On December 6, 2023, I spoke at the Columbia CryptoEconomics Conference (CCE) about our study on open-source software (OSS) development and community dynamics. This study is part of my research program on OSS innovation and governance. The OSS model is a decentralized form of collaboration that allows open participation in software production and free access to the results. Click read more to watch a video from the presentation to learn more about the OSS dynamics of Ethereum.

#2 - Summary of DC Fintech Week

This week, I had a chance to attend DC Fintech Week 2023 in Washington, DC, and it left a good aftertaste. Here are three main takeaways based on my listening to the speakers and interactions with the attendees and speakers. Read more.

1) There is a lot of attention paid to crypto tech and AI by US regulators.

2) There is a higher chance that AI regulation will come sooner than the comprehensive regulation for crypto in the US.

3) The delays in the regulation may be explained by the deliberation of the long-term vision of the US regulator. Though helpful, short-term solutions may not be a priority of the regulator. 

#1 - How I attended my first Web3 conference DCentral

My general impression was that there are plenty of people engaged in building the Web3 entertainment industry, metaverse, and communities around the novel technologies. I have visited multiple tracks, such as the non-fungible stage, DAO stage, fashion stage, and the main stage, as well as the expo. (The full conference agenda may be found here.) Below are a couple of points sourced from multiple stages and united under the same topic. Read more